VPS Archives was founded in January 2006 and is a long-term GLP-compliant archive storage company. The facility is specifically designed and monitored for secure long-term storage of materials and is managed by a staff with over 20 years of experience in GLP compliant archival storage. We offer ambient temperature storage for wet tissues, paraffin and plastic blocks, microscopic slides, paper data and electric media, as well as ambient, cold (5oC and –20oC) and ultra low-temperature (-80oC) storage of materials such as test article samples. In addition to dedicated office space, our facility consists of storage vaults specifically designed to store one of the following:

  • Wet Tissues
  • Blocks (paraffin and plastic)
  • Microscopic Slides
  • Refrigerated and Frozen Specimens and Test Articles
  • Paper Data and Digital Media

Access to the archive facility, offices, and each individual archive vault is limited to VPS Archives’ personnel only and is controlled and monitored by individual key card access. The archive facility is monitored 24/7 with fire detection, fire suppression, burglar alarm, and CCTV video surveillance systems, and it is backed-up with a full-facility 125 kV Kohler generator. Temperature and humidity are monitored and recorded 24/7 with NIST-calibrated Dickson data loggers. Material tracking is supported by our customized and validated electronic database and a redundant paper locator system.

Vet Path Services, Inc. has merged with StageBio!

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