Quality Assurance

Vet Path Services and VPS Archives routinely supports regulated and non-regulated studies of all types and sizes. The majority of studies supported by our companies are GLP, OECD, EPA, Chinese FDA, and/or JMHW compliant.

Our dedication to compliance on a regulatory level has allowed us to achieve an industry-wide reputation for quality. In addition to a dedicated Quality Control program and team, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) headed by Karen McClelland. Karen initially joined VPS in 2011 as a Research Associate in our Quality Control program prior to transferring to our QAU, after working at the Procter and Gamble Company as a Senior Researcher in the Quality Assurance’s Global Standards Office. Karen has over fifteen years of experience in report writing and publishing of nonclinical regulatory submissions, supply chain management, package development, technical support activities, preparation of pathology reports, and regulatory dossier audits.

Vet Path Services, Inc. has merged with StageBio!

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